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Last modified:January 26, 2018


Viatek Sculptor Body Massager I really do not know where to begin with my description of the Viatek Sculptor Body Massager. Judging by what the manufacturer claims, this is probably one of the most awesome machines ever invented. It can apparently break down fat cells and burn calories, helping you to lose weight; it can help reduce pain, and it can even act as a cellulite reduction machine and eliminate loose skin. It does it all! Now, I do not want to look at the first two claims so much. Instead, I want to take a little look at how you can use the Viatek Sculptor Body Massager as a cellulite massager.



It is worth noting that the Viatek Sculptor Body Massager works in a slightly different way than many other cellulite machines on the market. This is because it does not ‘suck’ up that the skin in order to tone it. It is quite literally a massager. I do not think this poses much of a problem. You are going to need to use it in combination with a decent cellulite cream, though in order to get the full effectiveness from it. You will find many different creams available on the market. You are also going to want to ensure that you use it every single day, for at least half an hour, particularly in your ‘trouble zones.’

One of the things I absolutely love about this cellulite machine is the fact that it is incredibly ergonomic. Unlike other machines on the market, it has a handle. This means that you can reach just about anywhere that you want on your body without too much issue. It certainly is going to be able to clear up that cellulite that other machines can’t. It is also portable, although I seriously doubt that there are many people out there who will be looking to get rid of their cellulite ‘on the go,’ but hey, at least the functionality is there!

Of course, there is no product out there that is perfect. The Viatek Sculptor Body Massager is not an exception to this rule. As many other people have picked up on, this product will not reach your back. The handle is far too short. Now, this is probably not going to be an issue if you are using it as a cellulite massager, but if you want to use it for any other purpose (i.e., pain relief), then this is probably going to pose a major problem. Perhaps the only thing you can do in this situation is to ask somebody to help you out.

Would I recommend the Viatek Sculptor Body Massager as a cellulite massager? I certainly would! I have seen many people benefit from using this rather fabulous tool! I am sure that you will benefit as well, when you try it out. If it does not clear your cellulite up (you will have to use it every day), then at least it has a couple more functions for which you are able to use it.