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Last modified:January 26, 2018


Omron-Electrotherapy-Max-Power-Relief Omron is known for making many different types of medical grade products and solutions for pain relief for over 20 years. They produce an extensive line of high quality devices, such as mobile TENS units like the Omron MAX Power Relief (PM3032) , which is designed to manage a variety of types of pain. A TENS unit is a handheld device that sends electrical impulses into the nerves to block feelings of soreness or achiness. It is designed to be used on many different parts of the body, especially the lower back, shoulders, legs, arms, and joints, because these areas cause the most problems for chronic pain sufferers. It may also help circulation, enable the body to release endorphins, and speed up recovery from injuries. The most exciting things about this product are that it is FDA approved and is an alternative solution to use instead of medicine or prescriptions, which is safe enough to be used at home.


This particular unit is black in color, and is small and compact, around the size of a cell phone. The small size of the product makes the unit convenient enough to allow you to take it wherever you need to, such as in the car, to work, or on a trip. It features a digital screen and 9 pre-programmed modes, which are specialized to help ease different ailments, depending on where a user may feel discomfort. The modes include 6 settings for pain areas and 3 for different types of massages. There are also 15 intensity levels that offer a wide range of relief, and cover a spectrum of pains. This product is also a breeze to use, due to the fact that it only has 3 buttons to worry about. First time users should use the machine for only 15 minutes at a time, and there is an automatic cutoff feature. In addition to the digital component, you also get 1 pair of pads, which are placed on the skin when the device is in use. The pads are reusable up to 150 times and can be washed by hand. The machine comes standard with a clip that allows you to wear it on your belt or pants, and with the batteries it requires, as well as a carrying case, to keep everything together.

There are many satisfied users of this product that back up the fact that this machine does what it is designed to do. Customers agree that it is a very powerful machine that when used properly, offers much needed relief from pain. Reports say that the batteries allow the product to work surprisingly well, and that the instruction book is very thorough and easy to understand. Additionally, users appreciate that there are so many intensity levels to choose from, and that the product is so small and mobile. Another positive is that it can be worn on a belt at work without anyone even noticing, and that it eases pain on many parts of the body. It is used by men and women alike to alleviate pain and is highly recommended. One downside reported regarding the product is that it doesn’t have a backlit display, so it cannot be used in low light situations.

Overall, this product without a doubt, can relieve chronic pain due to many different types of conditions, such as arthritis and disc problems, and does so efficiently. There are a lot of different rules and instructions to learn, but as this is a machine that sends electrical impulses, this should be expected. If you are thinking of purchasing a new TENS unit, consider this small but robust device.