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Last modified:January 26, 2018


Hollywog-Witouch-Back-Massager,TENS treatment is probably one of the most effective treatments when it comes to the relief of chronic pain in the back. It almost functions as a painkiller, but without you having to take any medication. The only problem is that, in the past, you couldn’t just apply it whenever you wanted. The majority of the units on the market are quite complex wired machines that take an age to set up. That has all changed now though. Let me introduce you to the world’s first wireless TENS machine; the Hollywog WiTouch Back Massager.



This back massage machine is simple to use. There are no wires to plug in, which makes the product more convenient to use. You just stick it on your back and control the unit using the supplied remote control. Everything is easy. It also means that you can use it just about wherever you want, if you are suffering from pain in your lower back.

This unit is soft and perfectly contoured. This means that, unlike some similar units on the market, it is more than capable of working with any back shape or size with ease. In fact, the width of this unit means that you are going to cover a rather large area with the unit. This product is not only limited to the upper back, although it was designed as such. There are a few people out there who have used it slightly higher on their backs, and it does work. However, you do need to be aware that it may fall off from time to time, as it is not strong enough to be held up this high on its own.

Perhaps one of the biggest complaints about the Hollywog WiTouch Back Massager is that it is not as strong as the wired units on the market. This is something that I am going to have to agree with. Obviously, it can’t be as strong. You are running it off a battery rather than off of a direct source of electricity. The pulsing massage is still pretty strong, but for those who are undergoing slightly more serious back pain you may wish to look elsewhere. If your pain is not so bad then this is going to work perfectly for you. It will even work perfectly for those who just want something that is portable.

Another complaint is that, during the latter stages of the TENS treatment, the pulsating can become a little bit too much for some people. It is impossible to turn the intensity down, so the best way to counter this is to simply switch it off and then back on again. It resets the system and takes you down to something a bit smoother.

If you are regularly undergoing TENS treatment for your back then I really do suggest that you look into using the Hollywog WiTouch Back Massager. It really does make everything incredibly simple and you will be relieving your pain quite quickly without all of those pesky wires flailing about the place. The result is fantastic!