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Last modified:January 26, 2018


HealthmateForever When I was looking to relieve my arthritis pain after surgery, I went to a lot of specialists and reviewed a lot of products that claimed to work. Sadly, not many of them seemed to do anything for my shoulder pain. I had tried several pulse massagers before, and I was about to give up when someone in the waiting room of the doctor’s office suggested I try HealthmateForever. She had used it for her own arthritis and swore by the results. Hesitantly, I decided to try it, and have been pretty satisfied with the results.




What Came with It

Shipping was standard. Inside the box, there was the electropulse massage unit, a user’s manual, ten free electropads, and the four pads that came with the purchase. Everything was packaged well.

What I Liked About the HealthmateForever

Though I was hesitant about how it looked (I will get into that later) after turning it on, I was surprised by how much power it had for something so small. The 20 different levels of stimulation helped me find the perfect setting for my shoulder. For something so small, there is a great deal of power, and I appreciate that.

One of the things I like most about the HealthmateForever is the portability. It is very small, and easy to take with me on the road. If I am going to be out of town for a few days, and even away from a power supply, the HealthmateForever is there when I need it. Being able to plug it into my computer for power through the USB is also really helpful.

I’ve also found the product to be very sturdy. The pads are well made, and I’ve yet to have one tear on me. In addition, the box itself is sturdy, and though I have accidentally dropped it a few times, it is still going strong. I’ve owned it for about two months, and it has yet to break down. If it does, I like that it is covered by a 100% lifetime warranty.

What I Didn’t Like About the HealthmateForever

There are a few things I dislike. First, it is cheap looking, which made me think that it wasn’t as good as it turned out to be. Also, a better battery wouldn’t hurt, as I find it runs out really quickly when not plugged in. Finally, I found that I required some trial and error with the pads before getting it right, which was a little tricky.

Regardless, I am happy with the product and I would suggest it for anyone with a similar medical problem.