Homedics Shiatsu Massaging Cushion SBM-650H Review

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Aching muscles are no laughing matter. That is why it is important that you do diligent research when you are searching for a machine or massager to help you when you aren’t feeling your best. There are many different types of items out there for pain relief, such as pills, creams, massagers, and more that may be able to fit your needs.

One item that doesn’t come to mind right away is SBM-650H shiatsu massaging cushion, although they can be powerful enough to get the job done. This one by Homedics is strong enough to provide every day relief for sore back muscles. The product is beige in color and can be placed in any type of chair, including recliners, kitchen chairs, or even on the sofa. It must be used where there is electricity, as it is not designed to be used in a car. This is because the machine is so powerful and could harm you if you aren’t paying attention. It could also distract you when you are trying to drive, especially if it ends up relaxing you. You would be no good to anyone if you fell asleep behind the wheel.

Besides being portable, the machine comes with a remote control that allows you to change the functions. The controller is attached to the chair, so it won’t ever go missing, even if you move the cushion around from time to time. It is capable of vibrating and kneading throughout the back and shoulders, and can be set to massage all over, or just in a certain spots. In addition, there is a heating function that can be utilized with the massaging or kneading aspects, but it doesn’t have to be used at all if you don’t need it.

It is worthwhile to note that this product is not for people that just have mild back pain, aches, or knots. Instead, it should only be used if you have deep tissue aches or pains that are moderate to severe. This is because some users have reported that the machine hurts them if they try to use it, and it could actually injure you if you use it improperly. Improper use includes when it is used on people with only mild pain or when it is not attached properly in place to the back of a chair. It can be utilized even if you are petite or tall, and on men and women alike, especially if it is secured in a proper manner.

The main complain people have is that the machine hurts to use, which simply means this isn’t the right product for them. For users that desperately needed the product, it works just as intended and can offer results, even if you have had back surgeries or are pregnant. A praise people have is that the product can last a long time and is easy to find if you need to replace an old one. It solves problem areas quickly and can be used every day for a much cheaper solution than traditional massages. Another topic that users brought up is that the massage cushion can be loud at times. This is because the device is rather powerful and when the rollers start kneading, you may be able to hear the motors doing their job. However, if you are using the device on a soft chair, it should dampen the noise a bit. Also, the noise level doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with the machine, so is no cause for alarm. Overall, this is a great solution for those that have aggressive back pain and sore muscles.