Titan TI-7700 Massage Chair Review

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The Titan Electric Full Body Massage Chair is an attractive piece of furniture. It not only looks good, but it can help alleviate pain and tension through the length of the body. In addition to that, the product has modes that are even beneficial to those that may need to be coddled more or have medical problems with their muscles, joints, and bodies.

This product has plenty of customizable features to choose from. It starts with the color because the chair comes in cream, black, or brown. However, that is just the beginning. The chair features 5 different programs for massaging, including comfort, stretch, healthcare, relax, or full air, which vary in the amount of force and pressure. For instance, the full air mode uses only the airbags and is designed to be used when you don’t need an intense massage. There are also 6 different types of massaging actions and 3 various intensities that can all be set through the digital remote control to personalize your experience while using the chair. The remote control resembles a television remote and is rather easy to maneuver and decipher. Other really cool features of this chair are the L-track rollers, which travel the length of the chair, help with serious muscle tension, and offer decompression of the spine, as well as the fact that there are extra airbags in the leg area to enable a serious but comfortable foot and calf massage. The latter feature is especially useful if you have circulation problems or are someone who works on their feet a lot.



There are also specially designed massage areas for the arms and outer shoulders, and a heating function for the lumbar section of the lower back. Superior vibration is offered in the hip and butt area to help relax the back. Even though the product weighs over 200 pounds, it can be easily moved from room to room by using placing it into an upright position and utilizing the rollers that are on the bottom of the chair. The chair is handy in the fact that it reclines about 160 degrees, meaning it can be utilized as simply a recliner if need be. You may also use the reclining function when the chair is turned on. A big bonus is that the item comes with a 3 year limited warranty, so you don’t have to worry about anything breaking or wearing out for a long time.

People that have used this product are satisfied. They offer up few complaints about this product and sing its praises loudly. It offers relief to stiff and sore muscles and joints and has different settings that will be able accommodate all members of the family, no matter their shape, size, or pain level. It also is easy to use and it is thought that the heating element will be a great benefit when it is cold outside, not only to warm up, but to help with sore muscles even better. The only negative thing reported is that the remote control has a learning curve, and may not be intuitive to everyone using it. Of course, some trial and error can fix that problem, and then you can really enjoy your Titan chair.

This chair is just a fraction of the price of other chairs, making it a powerhouse of a product. It also offers great variety in the massaging capabilities it can do, and is easy to use and care for. The warranty is just the icing on the cake. This is no doubt one to check out when you are looking for a high quality massage chair for your house.