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When you are looking for a new massage chair it can be hard to find a good quality chair that also has the functions you want and need. The iDEAL Full Featured Luxury Shiatsu Chair has everything you are looking for, and probably more. There are so many built in functions in this product, but it is also surprising easy to use. It can be used as a massage chair to massage you or other family members from head to toe, you may use it to recline, or it can be used as a regular chair.


This product comes in 5 colors, black, red, beige, dark brown and brown, and is easy to assemble and move around. The long list of features includes 4 motors and 2 air pumps that provide great power and massaging action throughout the entire chair. It also has a heating element that will heat up your lower back to provide relief. The chair is able to recline, so the user can experience the effects of the chair in zero gravity. There are airbags located throughout the chair, which adjust to your body shape to give you personalized comfort right where you sit. Some even more interesting features include that the chair can offer a 30 minute uninterrupted massage and can be adjusted to accommodate taller individuals. Furthermore, the chair comes with an easy to use remote control, which allows for you to set one of 4 automatic massaging modes, or enables you to personalize your massage to work best for you and your areas of pain. The remote control can be secured to a specialized post on the chair, where you can have easy access when you want to change the controls. There are buttons for everything you need right on the remote control console, so you don’t have to worry about how to change different settings or features.


Customers of this product really like it. It is reportedly not only a good looking chair, but it is also so easy to operate that people that are hesitant to use technology have no trouble using and enjoying it. The fact that it works very well on the head to toe aches and pains users may experience is also appreciated, as well as the fact that it is easy to move, regardless of how much it weighs. Many consider this item to be a bargain compared to other products like it and are glad they took a risk and purchased it. People that gave it high ratings also describe that it works well for people that are tall or short. However, there was some confusion regarding if the chair massaged too strong or not strong enough, depending on who was using it. It should be noted that this chair cannot take the place of a chiropractor; it should simply offer you a relaxing massage when you need it or ease your aching muscles, and not fix any medical conditions you may have. Some people also commented that the instructions for the chair where not clear, but that they still could figure out what to do.

Not only is this chair less expensive that others of its kind, but it has a design that allows for a range of heights and weights, due to the fact that it the airbags respond to your body shape. Add to that its long list of features, such as the many different massage functions and the reclining aspect, and you have a solid investment. If you are thinking of purchasing a chair of this kind, don’t hesitate to put this one near the top of your list.