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ec 06 massage chairThose searching for a massage chair for sale are incredibly lucky. There are now more options than ever available on the market. The huge selection does have its downsides though. You see, in a market which is very saturated right now it can be very difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. On this page I want to give you a very quick overview on one of the most popular massage chairs for sale at the moment.



As you can probably guess from the name, this BestMassage EC-06c massage chair is all about the Shiatsu. Built into the furniture you will have a number of rollers which are designed to loosen up those tense muscles. They are pretty powerful too and provide an immense amount of relief if you are feeling a little bit tired. The shorter amongst us may find it very difficult to get a massage in the upper regions, but the rest of the body should be fine.

One of the greatest features of this unit is the range of motion that it boasts. Now, it is pretty much up there with some of the best units on the market with the amount of ‘pressure points’ that it can target it at once. This is one of only a few which will provide a massage all the way down to that tail bone though. Trust me, you did not know it needed massaging until you feel the intense pleasure this chair can deliver.

With the inbuilt control panel it is quite simple to change between the various massage settings. All it takes is a couple of button presses and you will be able to swap between intensities (and the high intensity is very good) and the areas that you are targeting. Fancy a buttocks massage? Hit that button! Tension headache? Well, work that neck and the head. This is a very versatile unit.

This chair is heavy. 250Lbs of heavy in fact. This makes it one of the bulkiest chairs on the market. The plus side is that it is going to be very stable during use (I have seen some units, particularly the cheaper ones, vibrate around on the spot). The downside is that if you do need to move it you are looking into needing a couple of people to do so. This is not for the person who wants something with a little bit of portability.

The downside of this EC-06 unit is the fact that it is not branded. Now, of course this means that you get it at a far cheaper price than you would if you purchased a massage chair for sale from somewhere else. However, the negative is the fact that if something does go wrong it can be notoriously difficult finding somebody that is able to sort it out. By all accounts the support for this chair is not the best in the world. Thankfully it is well-built which means you most likely will not have to deal with the problem. Just bear this in mind ‘just in case’.

Now, whilst this is not the best massage chair for sale out there at the moment it is actually pretty good. For those that are looking for something basic, cheap, and versatile you are going to find it very difficult to find a better model. If you have more money to spend then you may want to look into a bit of an upgrade. However, for the money you really can’t go wrong.