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There’s nothing like coming home after a long day and having a personal foot spa waiting for you. It beats pricey, time-consuming spa appointments by a country mile. In just twenty minutes or so, your sore, tired feet will feel better than brand new, and you’re already in the comfort of your own home.

Features That being said, the only thing that’s not relaxing about foot spas is trying to figure out which one to buy. With so many different features, models, and brands, it can be overwhelming to try and figure out which one will work best for you and your needs. There can be a lot of confusing terminology, and different models offer different beneficial features. There are lower-end models that only vibrate, and there are higher-end models that have mechanical massagers and water heaters.

So what are some good things to look for in a foot spa? Some benefits you may or may not be interested in include heating, massagers, jets, and aromatherapy dispensers. Heating elements keep your water warm and don’t require you to add your own pre-heated water. Massagers will offer an extra element of comfort and relaxation by delivering rolling or kneading massages. Aqua jets add a nice, flowing feeling to the experience, and aromatherapy dispensers allow you to add eucalyptus or other fragrances to the spa.

Then there are practical features that make the spa easier to use, like easy drainage, size, a built-in hood, easy cleaning, and noise levels. Most devices can accommodate women and men shoe sizes up to 12 or 13. A built-in hood can be a lifesaver for your carpets and floors, because it will reduce overflow and spillage. You’ll want a device that’s easy to drain and easy to clean, just to make your life a little easier. And since a foot spa is a mechanical device, you’ll want one that’s not so loud that it ruins the relaxing experience.

You may not find a device that has all the above features in your price range, but you’re sure to find one that has everything you really need to enjoy it. We’ve scoped out the market and picked out three top-performing massagers to showcase what sorts of things to look for when you’re shopping on your own.

Foot Baths Review

Heated-foot-bath This heated foot bath is roomy and can accommodate a men’s foot size up to 14. With automatic heating up to 115 degrees, this device will maintain the temperature throughout the bath. It far outperforms competitors in terms of its ability to maintain a constant temperature.

It also comes with rotating jets that have adjustable speeds, so you can customize your spa experience. It comes with two rolling massagers that provide a kneading massage on your arches. The Foot Baths also includes a pumice stone, which can be removed at your discretion, to provide extra benefits like exfoliation for dry, cracked feet. It has handles on each side that make it easy to move the device around once it’s been filled.

One thing that could be a drawback for some people is that you cannot use any fragrances, soaps, or salts with this device because it could potentially damage the jets and motor; also, since it is so spacious, it is rather large and if you live in an apartment or small home, storage might be an issue. One of the best benefits, however, is the remote control included with this device: this way, you can control the entire experience without having to bend down and fiddle with knobs or buttons.


Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Review

Dr.-Scholl's-Invigorating-Pedicure-Foot-Spa Like the Foot Baths , the Dr. Scholl’s  includes a pumice stone for exfoliating your feet. However, the Dr. Scholl’s does not include a heating element, so you will have to add your own warm water. Once you add the warm water, though, this model will maintain the temperature splendidly using its “SMART” heat system.

This model is designed mainly for use by women, so men may find it a bit snug. The Dr. Scholl’s offers multiple massaging and pedicure attachments, including a rolling massager, vibrations, a jelly soak, and contoured attachments to massage your feet while using it. The vibration feature is especially relaxing for sore feet, and the model’s standout feature is the bubbles which provide a gentle, soothing, ticklish sensation.

Some people who have used Dr. Scholl’s have noted that it does produce quite a bit of noise when in use, though this can vary from unit to unit. Overall, the Dr. Scholl’s is a good, budget-friendly choice for anyone who would prefer a simple foot spa that relieves tired feet.


Kendal All In One Review

All-in-one-foot-spa-bath-massager-MS0810M This spacious device offers more features than either of the above spas. It can fit a man’s foot up to size 14, and provides heating, bubbles, vibrations, and infrared therapy. The Kendal All In One utilizes a special type of semiconductor known as PTC for its heating functions; PTC heating is super quick and excellent for maintain temperature. It also protects against the water get too hot and burning your feet.

This model offers two rolling massagers that target the entire foot, instead of just the heel or arches. The oxygen bubble therapy gives your feet a lovely tingling sensation during use, and the infrared therapy is good for anyone with chronic foot problems like bone spurs and bunions. You can use salts or some non-foaming soaps with this device, but be sure not to use any sort of foaming agent.

Some have said that the All In One does not hold as much water without spilling as other models, which can reduce your enjoyment of the product if your feet are not fully covered with water. Otherwise, this model would be a happy fit in most homes.